SEU 2024 Calendar


It's nearly 2024 people, and the equestrian world's funniest and most beloved calendar is raring to go! Another shite trip around the sun has resulted in a deluge of hilarious photos of us lot outperforming ourselves in the saddle.

Those who made it to the top of the shit pile; we salute you! Thank you so much for submitting your best / worst moments that will help brighten all of our next 365 days by hanging there on a kitchen wall, a rusty old fridge or a stable door. You're the best. Andbecause we had so many entries, we've had to add a Wall of ShFame on the back page.

13 months - January 2024 to January 2025. Features the odd relevant date where possible.

210 x 297cm / 8.3 x 11.7" - 150g / 5.3oz 

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